Buy Here Pay Here Software for Dealerships
Dealership Finance & Inventory Software
Dealership Finance & Inventory Software


Stock in a car in less than 30 seconds. Print all necessary forms. Export to your dealership's web site. With Zeus, you can do it all quickly & thoroughly.
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 Finance And Desking

Zeus offers you the Power and Speed that is necessary for you to achieve your goals, and with nearly 200 integrations, you will always have a single entry system.
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 Buy Here Pay Here

Zeus Accounts Receivable is the most user friendly and comprehensive program on the market, from printing all necessary forms, to reviewing the entire account history in one easy-to-read screen.
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Never again will you put a pen to ANY form or piece of paper in your dealership with no limitations on form programming. Zeus makes life easier.
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Customer Lookup

Through our Look-Up, the customer record is located and the entire sales history including vehicles purchased, financing and leasing terms, and products purchased is viewable.
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Zeus has the most comprehensive and analytical reports available. With many standard reports you also have the option to custom design any report.
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Zeus Inventory is the most comprehensive and easy to use Inventory package on the market today. Load a vehicle into Zeus Inventory using VIN Decode. Send vehicles to any of the inventory web sites. Print all inventory forms such as your buyers guide, deal jackets, window stickers, key tags and wash-out sheets. Maintain an electronic police book/purchase log. Create reports for specific models analysing the rate of flow, gross profit, floor costs, etc.

Car Dealership Inventory Software
Car Dealer Inventory Software
Search For Vehicle By:
  • Stock #
  • Vin #
  • Key #
  • R.O. #
  • Model #
  • Options
  • Colors
  • Any Parameter
Print All Forms:
  • Addendum window stickers
  • Buyers guide
  • Deal jackets
  • Wash-out sheets
  • Key tags
  • R.O.'s
  • Get ready

Inventory Selection Based On:
  • Customer interest
  • Management request
  • New or used requests
  • Specific request

Print Inventory By:
  • MSRP
  • Model
  • Year
  • Days in inventory
  • Any Parameter

Finance and Desking

The Zeus Finance System offers the speed and versatility necessary to desk and deliver a deal in just a matter of minutes. With our menu driven screens, it's easy to navigate through a deal, be it cash, finance, lease, wholesale, or a dealer trade. With access to all of our Integration Tools, enter the information once, and from there, access Inventory, Credit Bureaus, Accounting, Factory Web Sites, DMV, and the list goes on.

Auto Dealership Finance Software
Dealership Management Software

Financing & Leasing

Stucture and bill out any type of finance or lease deal including monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, balloon, and farm plans. Zeus provides worry free tax calculations for in-state and out of state sales.

Desking Tools

Run credit bureaus through 700Credit, Dealer Track, or Route One in seconds. Gas Cost comparison graphic presentation-visually reduces the vehicle expense for your customer so you can Close More Deals!
Menu Selling

Create a customized 4 column menu to sell all of your aftermarket products. With one click, display to the customer an easy to read menu and stay compliant every step of the way. Zeus also has a product declination sheet for a second chance sell and full disclosure.
Credit Application Submission

With one click, easily submit a credit application to Dealer Track or Route One and eliminate double data entry. All information is accurate including taxes, registration fees, and customer information.

Payment Options

Easy payment quoting with Monthly, Weekly, Bi-weekly, and Lease payment options in one click. Structure 9 different payment options with different financing and lease terms.
Customer Relations Management

Lead management in a single easy to use system to streamline floor traffic control and to analyze important customer information. Utilize direct marketing tools to print many different marketing and followup pieces. Two way integrqation with other software packages.
  • Zip Code lookup. Every Zip Code in the US is in your system. You choose the Zip Code & we give you the City, State, County, and all appropriate Tax rates.
  • Roll-Back payments & Out-the-Door price to close any deal.
  • Generate Out-of-State titling forms in house. No need to go with expensive title service companies on your out-of-state deals.
  • Bill out Dealer Trades & Wholesale deals in less than a minute.
  • Delete-A-Deal or Un-Delete-A-Deal.
  • Pay-off determination.
  • Rule of 78th's calculations.
  • Balloon notes.
  • Secondary financing.
  • Multiple fees and/or taxes.
  • Mutiple after-sells.
  • Run Sales/F&I/Profit reports for any period of time.
  • Track sales and profits by store total, salesman, sales manager, finance manager, department, team, finance source, manufacturer, product line.
  • Track money due.
  • Track contracts-in-transit.
  • Track un-funded finance deals.
  • Spot delivery system
  • Pull up a customer based on ANY piece of information entered for that deal.
  • Forever deal retention. Pull up a customer from 10 years ago as easily as one from 2 days ago.
  • Access our library of Legal Documents and Delivery Riders. There are dozens from which to choose.
  • Prints ALL contracts and ALL forms.
  • Print the majority of all forms in PDF/Laser printer format.

Customer Look-Up

30% of a dealership's customers are repeat and a customer's history is extremely important. Through our Look-Up, the customer record is located and the entire customer's sales history including vehicles purchased, financing and leasing terms, and products purchased is viewable.

Forms Printing

Forms printing is the bread and butter of our service to you. Never put a pen to ANY form or piece of paper in your dealership. Zeus will print everything and we place no limitations as to the types nor quantities of forms that can be printed. Print anything such as contracts, worksheets, invoices, insurance forms, warranties, delivery agreements, riders, sight drafts, and much more. If it makes life easier, Zeus will do it. Below are just some of the possibilities.

Zeus also has a brand new Printing Autopilot for all PDF documents. With a simple click, Zeus will create a booklet with all of the necessary contracts, state forms, riders, delivery forms, and others that can either be printed or emailed to the customer.

Print any PDF document

Print all pre-printed forms
  • Buyer's Order
  • Purchase Contract
  • Credit Applications
  • Finance Contracts
  • Lease Contracts
  • Worksheets
  • Co-Signer Forms
  • Wage Assignments
  • Insurance Binders
  • Vehicle Invoice
  • Deal Jackets
  • Foreign Language Forms
  • Extended Service Contract Forms
  • Credit Insurance Forms
  • Factory Warranty Forms
  • Gap Insurance Forms
  • Window Etch Forms
  • After Sale Forms
  • Chemical Forms
  • Motor Club Application Forms
  • Agreement to Provide Insurance Forms
  • Sight Drafts
  • Odometer Statements
  • Title Applications
  • Power-of-Attorney
  • Residency Certification Statements
  • Drive-Away Permits
  • IRS 8300 Form
  • Tax Forms
  • Buyer's Guides
  • License Applied For
  • Title Assignments
  • Deal Re-Cap Sheets
  • Accounting Re-Cap Sheets
  • Commission Forms
  • Commission Vouchers
  • Book-Out Sheets
  • Rebate Forms
  • RDR Forms
  • R.O.'s
  • Privacy Statements
  • Reg. Z Disclosure Statements
  • Trade-In Certification Statements
  • Spot Delivery Statements

Titling and Tax Forms

The states that Zeus is currently active in are displayed below. Register and title the vehicle and print all necessary forms for either in state sales or sales across state lines. Zeus also has the ability to integrate with electronic registration sites and programs including CVR and Dealertrack.

Dealership Finance & Inventory Software


Active States

Buy Here Pay Here Software

Buy Here Pay Here

The Zeus Buy Here Pay Here System is the most user friendly and comprehensive program on the market. Enter the deal, set up the schedule and Zeus will do the rest. Everything from printing all necessary forms, to reviewing the entire account history in one easy-to-read screen. Enter payments quickly and easily print receipts.

  • Non-standard terms
  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Semi-Monthly
  • Farm plans
  • Calculate all payments
  • Track money due
  • Rule of 78th's calculations
  • Balloon notes
  • Manage exotic pay-plans
  • Dealership definable accounting periods
  • A/R Past Due Report
  • Transaction Register
  • Monthly Income Reports


Without a doubt, Zeus has the most comprehensive and analytical reports available to the discerning automobile dealer. We give you the information necessary to run your business effectively and profitably. Who is performing? Which models are selling? What advertising source is bringing in the customers? Which finance source is performing the best for my dealership? Questions lead to answers. Answers lead to results. Results lead to increased sales. Increased sales lead to profit. With Zeus, we strive to give you the answers to questions that you may not even have thought of asking. Below are just some of the possibilities.

  • Dealership sales & profit analysis reports
  • Average profit report
  • Net profit report
  • Gross profit report
  • Wholesale profit report
  • F&I profit report
  • Profit per retail unit
  • Amortization schedules
  • Spread sheets
  • F&I departmental production
  • Analysis by department breakdown
  • F&I monthly summary
  • F&I log sheet by manager
  • F&I log sheet by salesman
  • Finance penetration analysis
  • Rate spread analysis report
  • Finance reserve report
  • Finance reserves by source
  • Manage split reserves by finance source
  • Income per finance contract
  • Track money due
  • Track contracts-in-transit
  • Track un-funded finance deals
  • Analysis and report commission statements
  • Spot delivery system
  • Manage wholesale and dealer trades separately
  • Manage exotic pay-plans
Track sales and profits by
  • Store total
  • Salesman
  • Sales manager
  • Finance manager
  • Department
  • Team
  • Finance source
  • Manufacturer
  • Product line
  • Daily productivity report
  • Weekly productivity report
  • Monthly sales & profit comparison
  • Yearly sales & profit comparison
  • Strengths and weaknesses identification
  • Analysis by salesman's contribution
  • Monthly sales & profit comparison
  • Yearly sales & profit comparison
Track product sales
  • C/L + A&H penetration analysis report
  • Credit life remittance report
  • E.S.C. penetration report
  • E.S.C. remittance reports
  • GAP analysis report
  • Gap remittance reports
  • After sale profit report
  • Credit bureau transaction reports
  • Combined salesforce productivity report
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