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Zeus Buy Here Pay Here is the most user friendly and comprehensive software on the market. Enter the customer and set up the schedule then print all necessary forms. Within your dashboard, view the entire account history in one easy-to-read screen, enter payments quickly and easily print receipts. Zeus BHPH also has the ability to have a separate company name from the sales system. Sell a vehicle under one company and manage the financing under a different company.

Buy Here Pay Here Software
Buy Here Pay Here Software

Finance Terms

  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Semi-Monthly
  • Farm plans
  • Non-standard terms

BHPH Management

  • Calculate all payments
  • Calculate late fees
  • Manage exotic pay-plans
  • Rule of 78th's calculations
  • Balloon notes
  • Easily take payments & print receipts
  • Dealership definable accounting periods


  • A/R Past Due Report
  • Track money due
  • Transaction Register
  • Monthly Income Reports
  • Prints late lists
  • Prints letters

Sample Forms & Reports


Amortization Schedule

Payment Schedule

Payment Booklet

Ledger Sheet

Balance Report

Past Due Report

Journal Activity Report

Payment Method Report
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