"Computer systems should work together. We strive for this and since dealer groups have multiple computer programs, they should all communicate with each other."

DMS Integration

Zeus fully integrates with several accounting systems including ADP/CDK, AutoSoft, and Open Track. Not only do our dealers find Zeus much easier to use in the front end, but they also have reduced their expenses and found that Zeus is a much more complete front to back software package.
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Web Integration

Don't re-enter customer information and vehicle data multiple times in order to process a deal. Be it sending a credit application to the web sites for Dealer Track and Route One or registering with the DMV. With Zeus, it's entered once. No errors, No triple-entry, No wasted time.
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Credit Bureaus

Zeus integrates with all of the major credit bureau repositories, by uploading customer information to the internet sites. Enter the deal once into Zeus, we take it from there.
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If a program or web site is not listed, we will integrate with it. Just ask and there's no additional charge.

Dealership Management Systems

Integration with the following Dealership Management Systems

Web Integration

Automatic transmission to credit application sites

Automatic transmission to DMV sites

Illinois Secretary of State
Montana Secretary of State

Automatic transmission of dealer inventory to the following sites

Automatic transmission and integration of inventory, sales, 'ups' with the following systems

Credit Bureau's

The Zeus System is fully integrated with many of the credit bureau web sites. Our arrangement with 700 Credit allows our dealers a one click option for credit bureau submission.

Automatic transmission with the following credit bureau providers

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