Access To Daily, Weekly, Monthly, And Annual Reporting

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Reporting and Analysis

Types of Reports

  • Dealership sales & profit analysis reports
  • Average profit report
  • Net profit report
  • Gross profit report
  • Wholesale profit report
  • F&I profit report
  • Profit per retail unit
  • Amortization schedules
  • Spread sheets


  • F&I departmental production
  • Analysis by department breakdown
  • F&I monthly summary
  • F&I log sheet by manager
  • F&I log sheet by salesman
  • Finance penetration analysis
  • Rate spread analysis report
  • Finance reserve report
  • Finance reserves by source


  • Manage split reserves by finance source
  • Income per finance contract
  • Track money due
  • Track contracts-in-transit
  • Track un-funded finance deals
  • Analysis and report commission statements
  • Spot delivery system
  • Manage wholesale and dealer trades separately
  • Manage exotic pay-plans

Salesman and Dealership

  • Daily productivity report
  • Weekly productivity report
  • Monthly sales & profit comparison
  • Yearly sales & profit comparison
  • Strengths and weaknesses identification
  • Analysis by salesman's contribution

Track Product Sales

  • C/L + A&H penetration analysis report
  • Credit life remittance report
  • E.S.C. penetration report
  • E.S.C. remittance reports
  • GAP analysis report
  • Gap remittance reports
  • After sale profit report
  • Credit bureau transaction reports
  • Combined salesforce productivity report

Track Sales and Profits By

  • Store total
  • Salesman
  • Sales manager
  • Finance manager
  • Department
  • Team
  • Finance source
  • Manufacturer
  • Product line

Sample Reports


Sales Report

Sales by Make Report

Sales by Model Report

ESC Report

F&I Log Report

Summary Report

Finance Reserve Report

Unfunded Report

Monthly Summary

New Car Sales

Used Car Sales

Salesman Summary
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