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We call Chicago home, but we are actually located in Northbrook, Illinois, a north suburb of Chicago, conveniently located near O'Hare International Airport. Robert Schaudt created Zeus Concepts in 1985 and since that time he has expanded the company nationwide. The reason for this growth is that software design extends beyond creativity. We believe in building partnerships with our dealers, and create two-way communication to understand your concerns and problems.

Not only do our member dealers benefit from new program developments by our own system design staff, they also benefit from ideas that other dealers have thought of. Zeus Concepts does the programming and implementation and then acts as the conduit in disseminating these new and creative ways of selling cars, managing departments, decreasing expenses, and increasing profits. We service and you win!

All of our member dealers participate in an automated "Update System", whereby on a daily basis, their systems receive any and all new programming additions, enhancements, and changes. We do not sell our software by version or version number. Our member dealers can rest assured that their system is completely current with all of the latest and newest software that Zeus Concepts has to offer.

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