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Menu Selling Simplified

Zeus has fully integrated Menu Selling and is designed to work the way Sales and F&I Managers need a menu to work. Customize the menu template for most customers, but you'll have the ability to modify the menu on a deal by deal basis. Once the customer has chosen a column, one click will recalculate the pricing to include the chosen products. Dealer software that is Fast, Easy, and Effective.

Menu Selling Software
F&I Menu Software

Custom Menu

  • Create menu templates for cash, finance, and lease customers.
  • Customize layouts to include product prices, a second term payment, and the terms for service contracts.
  • Customize product descriptions.
  • Prices can be clearly marked for each product or turn this feature off at any time.
  • Every menu can be custom tailored to the customer.
  • More options for your customer means more products sold.

Present A Menu

  • Print a 4 column menu with one click.
  • All 4 payments and the base payment are exact with taxes and fees all included.
  • Add or remove products from the menu for each customer without changing the templates.
  • Clearly displayed product descriptions with all of the feature/benefits for your customer.
  • Generate 2 different monthly payments based on 2 different term lengths.
  • Print a 1 column menu of products for those that prefer a more simple menu.
  • Flexibility in financing options means a customer is more receptive.

Product Disclosure

  • Print a second sheet with declined products for a second chance sell.
  • This declination sheet includes declined products based on which column the customer has chosen.
  • Each product is listed with a per month and per day cost.
  • Further insures compliance and customer understanding.
  • Sets your customer at ease.
Sample Menu
Sample Menu
Declination Sheet
Declination Sheet

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