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Sales and Desking

Zeus offers the speed and versatility necessary to desk and deliver a vehicle in minutes. Sell to any type of customer whether they are paying cash, applying for financing, leasing a vehicle, or they are a wholesale customer. Zeus will calculate taxes nationwide including accross state lines, and with all of our integration tools, enter the information once, and from there run credit, submit to Dealertrack, register the vehicle through CVR or Vitu, and send to accounting.

Auto Dealership Finance Software
Dealership Management Software

Email Support

Send emails to customers using different templates. Email signed forms after delivery.

Quick Quote

A quick and easy payment quote without needing to enter all of the customer and vehicle information. A handy tool for when you need it.

Payment Selection

Choose 3 downpayments, 3 terms, and 3 APR's, and Zeus will calculate 9 different payments for monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, and leases. Allow the customer to choose a payment.

Quickbooks Integration

An easy to use integration with Quickbooks. Post a single sale or choose an entire month of sales, use it how you wish.

Vehicle Selector

Choose the terms, trade-in allowance, and cash downpayment and Zeus will analyze the dealership inventory to place the customer in the right vehicle and maximize profit for the dealer.

Delivery Tools

Designate the deal as Pending, Spotted, or Un-Funded for tracking and reporting. Transfer the trade-in vehicles into inventory. If applicable, transfer the deal into BHPH.
Car Dealer Software
Auto Dealership Software
  • Zip Code lookup. Every Zip Code in the US and Canada is in your system. You choose the Zip Code & we give you the City, State, County, and all appropriate Tax rates.
  • Roll-Back payments & Out-the-Door price to close any deal.
  • Generate Out-of-State titling forms in house. No need to go with expensive title service companies on your out-of-state deals.
  • Bill out Dealer Trades & Wholesale deals in less than a minute.
  • Delete-A-Deal or Un-Delete-A-Deal.
  • Pay-off determination.
  • Rule of 78th's calculations.
  • Balloon notes.
  • Secondary financing.
  • Multiple fees and/or taxes.
  • Mutiple after-sells.
  • Track sales and profits by store total, salesman, sales manager, finance manager, department, team, finance source, manufacturer, product line.
  • Track money due.
  • Track contracts-in-transit.
  • Track un-funded finance deals.
  • Spot delivery system.
  • Find a customer based on ANY piece of information entered for that deal.
  • Forever deal retention. Pull up a customer from 10 years ago as easily as one from 2 days ago.
  • Access our library of Legal Documents and Delivery Riders. There are dozens from which to choose.
  • Prints ALL contracts and ALL forms.
  • Print forms in PDF/Laser printer format.

Credit Cards

Run credit cards through Zeus automatically for downpayments or deposits and save card info for recurring payments. Manage all card charges through the Zeus Credit Card Dashboard. Exclusively through Wholesale Payments.

Wholesale Payments

Titling and Taxes

Tax rates are verified throughout the year so rest assured that Zeus is calculating the taxes accurately for in state and out of state sales. Register and title vehicles and print all necessary forms for either in state sales or sales across state lines. We have all of the state forms for most of the US that can be printed out of Zeus. Zeus also has the ability to submit an electronic registration directly to DLRdmv, Vitu, CVR, or Dealertrack.

DLRdmv Vitu CVR Dealertrack

Forms Printing

Forms printing is the bread and butter of our service to you. Zeus will print everything and we place no limitations as to the types nor quantities of forms that can be printed. Print anything such as contracts, worksheets, invoices, insurance forms, warranties, delivery agreements, riders, sight drafts, and much more. And for all of the PDF forms, Zeus has autopilot printing. With a simple click, Zeus will create a booklet with all of the necessary contracts, state forms, riders, delivery forms, and others. Have the customer sign all of the PDF documents with a Topaz Electronic Signature Pad to save time and protect you and your customers from fraud. The booklet can then either be printed or emailed to the customer. If it makes life easier, Zeus will do it. Below are just some of the possibilities.

PDF Printing
Print any PDF document
Esignature Pad
eSignature with Topaz
Okidata Printing
Print all pre-printed forms


  • Buyer's Order
  • Purchase Contract
  • Vehicle Invoice
  • Deal Jackets
  • Foreign Language Forms
  • Deal Re-Cap Sheets
  • Accounting Re-Cap Sheets
  • Commission Forms
  • Commission Vouchers
  • Book-Out Sheets
  • Rebate Forms
  • RDR Forms
  • Repair Orders
  • Privacy Statements
  • Trade-In Certification Statements
  • Spot Delivery Statements
  • Checklist


  • Extended Service Contract Forms
  • Credit Insurance Forms
  • Factory Warranty Forms
  • Gap Insurance Forms
  • Window Etch Forms
  • Tire and Wheel Forms
  • Maintenance Forms
  • Key Replacement Forms
  • VSI Forms
  • Excess Wear Forms
  • After Sale Forms
  • Chemical Forms
  • Motor Club Application Forms
  • Credit Life Forms
  • Disability Forms


  • Odometer Statements
  • Title Applications
  • Power-of-Attorney
  • Residency Certification Statements
  • Drive-Away Permits
  • IRS 8300 Form
  • Tax Forms
  • Buyer's Guides
  • License Applied For
  • Title Assignments
  • Duplicate Title
  • Specialty Riders


  • Finance Contracts
  • Lease Contracts
  • Worksheets
  • Reg. Z Disclosure Statements
  • Co-Signer Forms
  • Wage Assignments
  • Insurance Binders
  • Credit Applications
  • Agreement to Provide Insurance Forms
  • Sight Drafts

Customer Look-Up

Many customers are repeat and a customer's history is extremely important. Through our Look-Up, the customer record is located and the entire customer's sales history including vehicles purchased, financing and leasing terms, and products purchased is viewable. One click will import the last known address into the new sale and then choose whether the last vehicle purchased will be traded in. If so, Zeus will set-up the trade in vehicle information automatically.

Auto Dealership Software
Auto Dealership Software

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