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Inventory Management

Save time by managing your inventory in one place and let Zeus upload updated vehicles to all of the inventory websites. Finding a single vehicle is extremely simple, but Zeus has also simplified searching inventory with more broad criteria. Use the Vehicle Selector to find vehicles in inventory that match a customers requests and provide maximum profit to you the dealer. Print all necessary forms to stock in and sell the vehicles.

Auto Dealership Inventory Management
Dealership Management Software

VIN Decode

Type in the VIN and Zeus will provide the complete vehicle description including Year, Make, Model, Styles, and Colors.

AutoCheck Integration

Zeus provides the AutoCheck Report and Score automatically for each vehicle. The AutoCheck Score displays dynamically in the Car Screen.

Photos Management

Attach photos to each vehicle and manage all of your digital content in one place. There's no limit on the number of images.

Vehicle Search

  • Stock #
  • VIN
  • Last 6 of VIN
  • Make
  • Model
  • Body Style
  • Color
  • Inventory Date
  • R.O. #
  • Model #
  • Key #
  • Title #
  • Engine Size
  • Purchased From
  • Invoice/Cost
  • Retail Price
  • Optional Equipment

Inventory Management

  • VIN Decode
  • Store entire vehicle description
  • Unlimited photos
  • Photo management
  • Car Fax/Auto Check
  • NADA Reports/Manheim Reports
  • Track Titles
  • Up to 17 Repair Orders
  • Store second internet special price
  • Track floor plan costs
  • Manage online inventory sites

Print All Forms

  • Deal Jackets
  • Deal Jacket Sticker
  • FTC - Buyers Guide
  • Addendum Window Stickers
  • Wash-out Sheets
  • Key tags
  • R.O.'s
  • Get Ready
  • Purchase Bill-of-sale
  • Odometer Statement
  • Power-of-Attorney
Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Zeus provides the tools to know exactly what vehicles are in inventory, how long they've been on the lot, and how much they are costing the dealership. We have reports that are designed for the sales staff, and reports for managers eyes only, and any report can be cusomized to fit your needs.


Print Inventory Reports Sorted By

  • Stock #
  • Model Year of Vehicle
  • Make
  • Model
  • Inventory Date
  • Location
  • From Whom
  • MSRP
  • Invoice/Cost

Types of Inventory Reports

  • Manager's Reports (Showing Costs)
  • Salesman's Reports (Showing Full Vehicle Descriptions)
  • Used Car Valuation Report
  • Used Car Water Report
  • Demo Report
  • Title Reports
  • R.O. Reports
  • Police Book
  • Floor Plan Reports
  • Aging Reports
  • Purchases Reports
  • Physical Inventory Reports

Sample Reports

Inventory Manager Report Manager's Report
Inventory Salesman Report Salesman's Report
Inventory Title Report Title Report
Used Car Report Used Car Water Report

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