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Reporting and Analysis

Custom reports or build your own

Any information entered into Zeus can be analysed and reported on. View a snapshot of sales, profit, inventory floorplan, and more. Zeus provides a library of standard reports, and we will customize anything you need. Zeus also has a Build Your Own design studio. Zeus also has a Report Dashboard with fully cusomizable tiles that display all of the information that is important to you.

Dealership Finance & Inventory Software
Dealership Finance & Inventory Software

Types of Reports

  • Dealership sales & profit analysis reports
  • Average profit report
  • Net profit report
  • Gross profit report
  • Wholesale profit report
  • F&I profit report
  • Profit per retail unit
  • Amortization schedules
  • Spread sheets


  • F&I departmental production
  • Analysis by department breakdown
  • F&I monthly summary
  • F&I log sheet by manager
  • F&I log sheet by salesman
  • Finance penetration analysis
  • Rate spread analysis report
  • Finance reserve report
  • Finance reserves by source


  • Manage split reserves by finance source
  • Income per finance contract
  • Track money due
  • Track contracts-in-transit
  • Track un-funded finance deals
  • Analysis and report commission statements
  • Spot delivery system
  • Manage wholesale and dealer trades separately
  • Manage exotic pay-plans

Salesman and Dealership

  • Daily productivity report
  • Weekly productivity report
  • Monthly sales & profit comparison
  • Yearly sales & profit comparison
  • Strengths and weaknesses identification
  • Analysis by salesman's contribution

Track Product Sales

  • E.S.C. penetration report
  • E.S.C. remittance reports
  • GAP analysis report
  • Gap remittance reports
  • After sale profit report
  • Credit bureau transaction reports
  • Combined salesforce productivity report
  • C/L + A&H penetration analysis report
  • Credit life remittance report

Track Sales and Profits By

  • Store total
  • Salesman
  • Sales manager
  • Finance manager
  • Department
  • Team
  • Finance source
  • Manufacturer
  • Product line

Sample Reports

Sales Report Sales Report
Sales Report By Make Sales by Make Report
Sales By Model Report Sales by Model Report
ESC Report ESC Report
F&I Log Report F&I Log Report
Summary Report Summary Report
Finance Reserve Report Finance Reserve Report
Unfunded Report Unfunded Report
Monthly Summary Report Monthly Summary
New Car Sales Report New Car Sales
Used Car Sales Report Used Car Sales
Salesman Report Salesman Summary

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